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Debora Wayne

Founder CEO
Pain-Release & Energy Healing Expert

What if healing pain may be
easier then you think?

Science Lab report shows 6 times greater Pain-Free-Results when compared to other healing modalities.

See and Hear for Yourself: Elimination of Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Pain, Insomnia, Pain, Spinal curvature, Depression, Impaired Vision and more, after only a single session of

HighSpeed Healing™
Rapid Relief and Rapid Results

Scientific laboratory findings concluded Biofield Healing Immersion® achieved 6 times the pain-free results when compared to other healing modalities, including Acupuncture. Read the full report here.

  • - Before going to Debora I was in constant pain. During the past three years I’ve had lumbar injections, used anti-inflammatory patches and needed daily pain medication. Since my sessions with Debora I no longer need medication, I am pain free, exercising again and loving life. What a blessing!"

    Carlene S., Chula Vista, CA

  • - “I have been in constant pain for years. I was skeptical and totally surprised at the response of my body to Debora’s work. I had already tried everything – Acupuncture, Acupressure, and all types of other treatments.None had ever felt like this. There was relief from pain. I don’t have to take pain medication or muscle relaxers any longer. I haven’t felt this good in years. I was healed from the inside out. It lasts, it works!"

    Louis H., Orange, CA

  • - "I had struggled with binge eating for years. The more I tried to control eating, the more I binged. During the Pain Free Living Program® I suddenly realized that it had been WEEKS since I had last binged. I couldn't even remember when that was! It feels so good to no longer be afraid of food but instead eat well, eat in moderation, and enjoy it!"

    F.M. St. Paul, MN

  • - I immediately felt relief from mental pain. My body was lighter and my mind clearer. Within 24 hours of my first Biofield Healing Immersion™ session, I felt physical pain and emotional pain leave my body. My biggest discovery is that I can heal and control the problems that had kept me depressed, isolated and blocked. I am a changed person. I find that opportunities and connection with others that I have always wanted are coming to me now without effort. Physically I am getting stronger and I love my life. Everything has changed in my life. I am excited about my future and so very grateful for the healing I have received."

    Sharon H, Henderson, NV

  • - "It’s not an understatement to say that Debora Wayne has given me back my life! I had been very ill for almost six years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The illness forced me to leave my dream job and retreat into rest. I tried dozens of other doctors, practitioners and healers without significant or lasting gains. After the first session I became energized and vital in a way I hadn’t felt for six long years! Miraculous things happened… insomnia went away… I’m participating in activities, exercise and work again… I feel more peace and joy than I have in years! Debora’s work is extraordinary. Her sessions healed me of an ailment doctors called incurable, and I feel like I’ve gotten a second chance at life."

    RT, San Diego, CA

  • - "Debora Wayne's programs using the Biofield Healing Immersion® method have changed my life for the better in many ways. I have had diabetes and been insulin dependent for 30 years, taking 2 different types of insulin. After simply watching Debora's You Tube video and attending her one-day online event The Day of Biofield Healing®, my blood sugars began to drop dramatically. In 6 weeks I no longer needed one of the insulins at all and I have lost 20 pounds ! (Lastest Update - Lost 70 lbs)!!! I had at one point been in a wheelchair because the pain was so severe and I can now walk 2 miles at a time! I feel better than I have in years and the neuropathy in both of my legs is gone. Biofield Healing is amazing!"


    Laurie W. Customer, Anderson CA

  • - "I lost weight without trying. I find I crave vegetables and fruits more. I now enjoy eating as an experience rather than something I have to do or a habit to amend."

    Debbie B. Writer, New York

  • - "I attended Debora's Pain Free Living Program® and after several healing sessions my long standing asthma completely disappeared."

    Jeanette M. Retired school teacher, Perth, Australia

  • - “My skeleton realigned itself after our Distance Session just like when I’ve had hands on treatment. That’s incredible…remote energy work that realigned my spine!!! Even my ankles are realigned. My back has felt great ever since the first session. The way a back should feel. My neck, shoulder, and low back pain are all gone.”

    Jim J., Simi Valley, CA

Let Us Help You

Are you tired of dealing with ongoing pain, severe stress, and living with exhaustion, depression and/or anxiety?

Please don't give up hope!

Perhaps you've already tried everything to heal your pain.

Thousands of our past clients reported trying things like Conventional or Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, Pain Medications, Healing Herbs, Natural Remedies, Energy Healing, Meditation, Surgery, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Natural Health Supplements, Medication for Anxiety and Depression, and much more...AND

They Still did not receive the healing results they had hoped for....

Until they found Us...

If this sounds like you... We invite you to experience for yourself a revolutionary new way of healing.

Discover why thousands of our past clients in over 150 countries have reported eliminating pain of all types including Chronic Physical Pain, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Depression, Migraine Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, Trauma, struggles with Weight, Binge-Eating, and much more.

And... we'll help you without ever asking you to take pills, do endless PT, or give up the foods you love.

Our life-changing programs feature The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method and are proven to help people find and remove the hidden reasons that don't and won't show up on medical tests that may lie at the root of your pain, stress, and suffering.

There's hope and healing available Here, for You!

Become a HighSpeed Healing Practitioner™

Do you love helping people?

Dream of living your highest purpose, and making a real difference in the world?

Looking to offer a method of healing that requires no drugs or supplements, no restrictive diets, no physical therapy or years of "talk therapy" and that gets results even when other methods have failed?

Learn to facilitate the most leading-edge method of healing proven to help tens of thousands around the world to leave pain and dis-ease in the past, dramatically increase energy, and live with greater freedom and joy. 

Receive hands-on, experiential-training and mentoring directly from Debora Wayne, founder of the Biofield Healing Immersion® method and director of The Biofield Healing Institute®

As you develop the skill and confidence you need to help your family, friends, clients and patients to receive what is often described as ‘miraculous' healing results, imagine the joy and deep soul-satisfaction you'll feel when you lay your head down at night knowing you've made a huge difference in peoples' lives.   

Gain expertise in a method shown by science to deliver 6 times the beneficial results of other healing modalities.  BHI offers you the ability to take your existing health and wellness practice to the next level and to offer your clients positive results that may go beyond the limitations of your current methods.

Follow our proven roadmap and become a Biofield Healing immersion® Practitioner today.

About Debora Wayne

DEBORA WAYNE, founder and director of The Biofield Healing Institute® is an internationally known energy healer and pain-release specialist whose expertise is helping men and women to rapidly find and remove the hidden causes for Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, Severe Stress, Struggles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, and more.

Many of Debora’s past clients have reported complete and total healing of severe pain symptoms and chronic conditions even though nothing else worked.

Since recovering from her own “health hell” over 3O years ago, Debora has been immersed both personally and professionally in the Healing Arts.

She has personally helped tens of thousands of people in 150 countries to release their pain, re-charge their energy, and get their lives back on track.

Her proven programs feature a life-changing proprietary method known as Biofield Healing Immersion®. Debora skillfully weaves in elements from Ancient Spiritual Healing practices, Modern Neuro-Science, and Leading-edge Biofield Science which work together synergistically to allow for profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Debora is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? – Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More”. She has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 30 + years practicing and teaching the Art of Meditation, is a nationally recognized Fine Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, founder of the HighSpeed Healing Method, and Director of the Biofield Healing Institute®.

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