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Pain Comes In Many Forms…
What's Yours?

There are numerous underlying causes of PAIN whether it’s physical pain from injury or chronic illness, mental and emotional pain such as anxiety or depression, or the exhausting and often constant stress from binge eating and trying to control your weight.

If you’ve seen all the experts, swallowed all the supplements, followed the diets and food plans, jumped through the hoops, and you still haven’t resolved your challenge…YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

You probably have a ‘hunch” that something is going on, something no expert has found yet and no test has revealed. YOU’RE RIGHT!  That’s why it’s time now to go deeper and get Debora’s expert guidance and FINALLY…



While some of these things may provide temporary relief, they may not have given you the long term Pain Free Living solution you are seeking.


If you are at all curious about what might be the real root cause behind your ongoing pain, stress, and struggles,  the “Live Pain Free: Remove The Hidden Causes Of Pain and Suffering” Audio and Workbook will get you started on the fast track to rapidly resolving your challenges once and for all!  AND…unlike drugs and surgeries, the only side effect is that you’ll be fully equipped to handle any future challenges with grace and ease because you’ll be using new tools proven to work!

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Read what others are saying about this life-changing Audio class and Workbook
from Debora Wayne, Founder of the Biofield Healing Institute™

"As a scientist, bioenergy is not an easily approachable topic. To delve into the spiritual realm of healing, one needs a guide with uncommon ability to speak both science and spirit.  For me, that guide is Debora.  Her intelligence and ability to communicate logically as well as intuitively is a necessary bridge for me; not all healers have this. Debora is also an amazing teacher- she leaves no one behind.  You’ll leave with great inspiration and insight."

Neuroscientist Ph.D Psychology

"It’s not an understatement to say that Debora Wayne has given me back my life! I had been very ill for almost 6 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The illness forced me to leave my dream job and retreat into rest. The symptoms were miserable.

I tried dozens of other doctors, practitioners and healers without significant or lasting gains.

Miraculous things happened  Debora’s work is extraordinary. Her sessions healed me of an ailment doctors called incurable, and I feel like I’ve gotten a second chance at life. I’m so grateful to Debora’s unsurpassed skill, caring and insight."

RT San Diego, CA

“I was privileged to participate in a Group Healing session with Debora Wayne and didn’t know what to expect. I was fairly resistant and thinking that nothing would happen as a result of my resistance. However, the energy orchestrated by Debora overcame the resistance and my experience shifted from boredom, passivity and endless negative mind chatter to a sense of bliss and total connection….. my body was infused with healing energies moving within and healing all that lay within its path. I unequivocally recommend this work and Debora Wayne specifically as a group and private facilitator.”

Rhona H.
Rhona H. Los Angeles, CA

“I have had two knee operations and a 2 inch plate implanted in my neck. I have been in constant pain for years!
The doctors have prescribed pain medicines from Vicodin to Valium for muscle spasms.

 I was skeptical. 

 I had already tried everything – Acupuncture, Acupressure, and all types of other physical treatments.

Since Debora, I don’t have to take pain medication or muscle relaxers any longer. I haven’t felt this good in years!

 This spiritual healing from Debora Wayne, is real.

I was healed from the inside out. It lasts , it works, and the only side effect is better health. THANK YOU”

Lewis H.
Lewis H. Orange, CA

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I'm open to experiencing pain free living!

When your hunt for a solution has come up empty and you're frustrated with wasting one more second of your time, one more dollar of your money, and any more of your precious energy and attention…

It's Time for NEW Solutions!
It's Time to Pause The External Search And Look Within!


That is exactly what you’ll be guided to do in your Free “Remove The Hidden Causes Of Your Pain” Audio and Workbook.

The beginning of the end of your pain starts with this FREE DOWNLOAD.

Get ready to shift your relationship to pain and get your life back on its beautiful track!

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Debora Wayne is the Director of the Biofield Healing Institute™  and founder of The Biofield Healing Immersion™ Method which she developed after receiving degrees and certifications in psychology, hypnotherapy, and chemical dependency counseling, as well as 30-plus years of practicing and teaching meditation, yoga, and Reiki. What you are about to experience has helped thousands of Debora's past clients in 150 countries around the world to eliminate chronic pain, depression, anxiety, struggles with weight, binge-eating, abuse, trauma, and more.

Debora is the bestselling author of “Why Do I Still Hurt?: Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety and More”. She is also the creator of the Pain Free Living Program® which has been the flagship offering at the Biofield Healing Institute™ and has transformed thousands by uncovering and finally removing the hidden reasons which lie at the root of all pain and suffering.

Debora's extraordinary ability to skillfully guide people through her proven process for releasing pain and chronic pain patterns has earned her the love and respect of sufferers and health practitioners alike. Her revolutionary, non-invasive method helps people regain their energy and get their lives back on track.

Debora will shortcut your healing path by openly sharing with you what she personally learned on the way out of her own “health hell” and will empower you with the exact, "must-have" tools and information she gained from her 30+ years of professional training and practice.   You will have access to a leading-edge method you can use again and again to prevent pain in the future.

Stand on the shoulders of a giant who has helped countless people worldwide.... even when nothing else worked.  Stop chasing solution after solution and receive Debora's aid now.