Dear Friend,

We are living in very exciting times!

We are in the very early stage of a gigantic wave of change in our the world of healing, science, spirituality and much more.

Please join myself and an incredible group of "Trailblazers" as we embark on this exciting adventure together to END pain and suffering on our planet.

You are cordially invited to apply for The Biofield Healing Immersion® Practitioner Training Program where you will receive thorough hands-on training in a revolutionary method of non-touch-healing that is literally changing our entire understanding of what is possible! This highly effective method working in the Biofield at the quantum level is proven to simultaneously address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of the entire being.

Biofield Healing Immersion® is based on the principles of Quantum Physics, Biofield Science, and Spiritual Healing, and has the potential to create rapid and dramatic results that many have called "miraculous".

Having worked with tens of thousands of people in over 150 countries, most of whom I've never seen or met, I have been privileged to be a part of positive, often life-changing healing results of all types, and to help people rapidly remove the hidden root causes of pain, patterns, and dis-ease even when other methods have failed.

It is my sincere hope that Biofield Healing Immersion® method will touch YOUR life in a deep, soul-satisfying, and rich way, as it has mine.

I invite you to join me on this fascinating and exciting journey working in the biofield. This is the future of true Health CARE.

You definitely want this "inner technology" in your back pocket to help your clients, yourself, your families, friends, and loved ones.

Save yourself thousands of hours and thousands of dollars as you benefit from my many years of expertise, training, and from my BIG mistakes too.
I'll hold nothing back.

Join the mission of The Biofield Healing Institute® ... We are the "Trailblazers" dedicated to ending pain and suffering on our planet.

"It takes a village", and together, we have more impact to make a rapid and dramatic difference world-wide.

With Love & Gratitude,


Join our incredible community of “Trailbalzers” dedicated to the End of Pain and Suffering on our planet and the creation of a “New Normal” filled with Health, High Energy, and Happiness.

This Biofield Healing Immersion® -Practitioner Training Program is for you if:

  • You feel the “call” to be of service and to personally contribute to helping end pain and suffering on our planet.
  • You desire to stand out as a practitioner and to get consistent (and often described as ‘miraculous’) results using The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method.
  • You're intrigued and excited to gain a deep experiential understanding of the relationship between Science, Consciousness, Spirituality, and Healing…and to become part of this new “movement” that is revolutionizing our understanding of the entire healing process.
  • You are already a HealthCare professional *** and would like to gain confidence and new expertise in a proven modality that has the potential to rapidly take your practice to the next level, enhance and expand your existing client services, and, in most cases, will enable you to get results beyond the limitations of your current methods.

***(Including, but not limited to, M.D.’s, Nurses, Functional Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Chinese Medical Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Cranio-Sacral Practitioners, Fitness Coaches, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Nutritionists, and/or other Integrative/Complimentary/Alternative/Healing Arts practitioners.)

  • You are looking for a method that typically gets positive results even when other methods have failed.
  • You understand the value of having an experienced mentor who has worked on tens of thousands of people in 150 countries and is committed to your growth, will answer your toughest questions, and help you with your most difficult cases.
  • You'd like to save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours instead of trying to piece your education and training together by yourself.
  • You understand the tremendous value of being part of an amazing, intelligent, loving, and forward-thinking community where you will collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about health, new science, alternative healing modalities, and helping others.
  • You'd like a roadmap to follow that is proven to really work…..
  • If these benefits speak to you....Then you have come to the right place!

Phase 1 - The Foundation

The 9-week Pain Free Living Program® is Phase 1 of your training. This Foundation Course must be successfully completed before moving on to Phase 2 of the Biofield Healing Immersion® Practitioner Training course.

The FOUNDATION section of the program is designed to benefit you personally AND professionally.

You can only take someone as far as YOU'VE gone.

These first 9 weeks are designed to transform you personally as you experience Debora's proven method to find and release the root cause of pain, destructive patterns, and dis-ease.

In addition, you'll observe and learn from Debora as she works with a wide array of clients suffering from moderate to severe Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Addictions, BurnOut, Immune Weakness, Injuries, Struggles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating.... the list goes on and on.


You'll discover...

  • The TOP 20+ hidden reasons causing dis-ease that medical testing will not reveal.
  • Experience for yourself, Debora's EXACT 3-Step System designed to clear the disturbances from the Mind, the Emotions, and the Energy field.
  • Learn and practice numerous tools, tips, and techniques you can use for the rest of your life to stop your underlying dysfunctional patterns which create stress, pain, and anxiety.
  • Discover the message your pain and issues are trying to teach you
  • Experience Biofield Healing Immersion® sessions, which many have called, 'the most powerful healing modality on the planet'.
  • Feel connected to your body, your heart, and your inner guidance and learn how to take your power back, and live the life you were meant to live.

Phase 2 - Hands on Practice - The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method

Your training program continues with a highly experiential, interactive 3-months together where you will gain a deep understanding of the relationship between Science, Spirituality, and Healing. 

Very Early on in Phase 2 you will begin to practice the actual Biofield Healing Immersion® method. This is life-changing! 

You will begin to develop confidence in your ability to facilitate positive, even "miraculous" healing results, using the Biofield Healing Immersion® Method during our hands-on practice sessions.

In Phase 2 of the Biofield Healing Immersion® Practitioner Training Program I personally GUARANTEE you will successfully facilitate this revolutionary healing modality before you are half way through the training course.

The Biofield Healing Immersion® - Practitioner Training & Mentoring Program Includes:

  • Biofield Healing Immersion® Method – The Foundation Course ($1997 Value)
  • Receive 3 months of personal, hands-on training and mentoring with Debora Live on each call (value $10,500)
  • Includes (12) Twelve, 90-minute interactive group VIDEO CALLS
  • VIDEO CONFERENCING CALLS are available from anywhere in the world via Phone or Web
  • Q & A and Laser Coaching/Mentoring each week. Bring your questions and challenges and Work 1:1 with Debora Live on the Calls
  • Includes handouts , homework, templates, worksheets, PDFs ($997 Value)
  • Gain Confidence!!! as you facilitate actual hands-on BHI® Sessions with clients, friends, families, and others in the group.
  • Weekly Recorded VIDEO Replays Included - Home Study access to all 12 video/audio recordings for your continuing education and mastery of skills (Value $1497)
  • Private Facebook Group Forum where you will receive support from Debora, interact with other participants, establish great & lasting friendships, stay motivated and accountable, share your challenges and successes, give and receive continuous support every step of the way!!! (Priceless)

$15,000 VALUE

"As a scientist, bioenergy is not an easily approachable topic.  Yet there is a growing body of scientific work demonstrating a variety of effects on humans, animals, and cultures of living cells.  To delve into the spiritual realm of healing, one needs a guide with uncommon ability to speak both science and spirit.  For me, that guide is Debora.  Her intelligence and ability to communicate logically as well as intuitively is a necessary bridge for me; not all healers have this.

Debora is also an amazing teacher- she leaves no one behind.  You'll leave with great inspiration and insight.
The training was amazing- exactly what I was hoping for!

Neuroscientist Ph.D Psychology

“The Training Intensive was more powerful, on more levels, than I could have imagined. I absolutely know that it changed the course of my life.
Just know that I could write a book on the helpful insights I received from this workshop, both personally and professionally! The impact this workshop has had and will have on my relationship to myself and to my work has rocked my world! It has already changed my present and it has altered my future. I am thinking new thoughts and taking new actions that I would not have known to – or been able to – take before this workshop. The training was undeniably a turning point for me.”

Chris B.
Chris B. San Diego, CA

Read What Some Past Participants Have Experienced and Reported:

"Hands on" experience on how to facilitate healing, the science to back it up, and stories to ground it. Great verbal instruction, feedback to help us all witness the healing we each were facilitating and validate the efficacy" "Information like this cannot be obtained by reading a book."


"Thank you for an incredible training. Thanks also for giving me confidence in myself as a healer. This is beyond what I expected."


"I can't tell you enough how truly and deeply life-changing the training was for me. I absolutely know that it changed the course of my life my present and my future."


"Increase in confidence, inspiration and faith"


"Personal attention, intimate, group, true consideration and answer of all student questions"


"All the information was included, none missed. It felt like information was being gently poured over us, or like we were standing in a stream of light and information."


"I believe in myself more now, I feel more connected to Source and to everyone I encounter. I feel more confident. I feel lit up and excited and ready. I feel solid, grounded, powerful, and able. I feel more peaceful, more present, and more adept at getting out of the way and allowing The"Something Bigger" to do the work. I also have a richer appreciation for my clients' world, and a bigger language and experience to help THEM value their internal experience."


"In short, the Biofield Healing Immersion® Practitioner Training experience feels powerfully important in my journey as a healer. I am not sure I will ever be able to describe or even know all the changes I am experiencing."

Some of the Benefits You Will Receive During Your:
Biofield Healing Immersion™ -Practitioner Training Program

During this Training Intensive you will be immersed in deep, experiential learning and the actual, hands-on practice of The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method.

  • You are GUARANTEED to successfully facilitate The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method before you are half-way through the training program.
  • You will gain the ability to facilitate Biofield Healing Immersion® sessions for new or existing clients, your friends, families, children, and animals, both in person and/or at a Distance
  • We will eliminate many of the myths and superstitions around health and the healing process so you feel confident in what you are offering.
  • You will come away with an understanding of what is truly helpful to others and what actually weakens them so that you are able to be more effective as a practitioner.
  • You will gain an understanding of the basic Scientific principles at work behind The Biofield Healing Immersion™ Method and the inter-connectedness between Healing, Spirituality, Science, and Consciousness
  • The training will raise your own vibrational frequency and you will expand your state of consciousness to a higher level
  • You will PRACTICE this method on others and see for yourself that you really can do this and get positive results!
  • You will receive direct teaching, feedback and mentoring from Debora's many years of experience, as well as have your questions answered and your concerns & challenges continuously resolved.
  • You will gain the skill and expertise you need to effectively help others and make a greater difference in the world
  • You will come away with a practical skill that can be monetized anywhere in the world.

You will practice Biofield Healing Immersion® sessions
and receive direct feedback and mentoring from Debora
as well as have your questions answered.

If you currently practice another healing modality, including, but not limited to, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Yoga, Qi Gong, Medical Intuition, Cranio-sacral,  Healing Touch, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Conventional Allopathic medicine, Integrative/Complimentary or Naturopathic Medicine, or any other touch or non-touch form of healing, you will learn a method and principles in the Biofield Healing Immersion® Training which may accelerate and/or increase the effectiveness of your current modalities, or replace these methods entirely.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have friends, colleagues, family members or associates whom you feel would benefit from this training, please feel free to forward this information to them or have them contact us directly to apply.

What Others Are Saying

“I invited Debora Wayne to be a featured speaker at my recent event Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology for holistic practitioners because I had experienced first hand her healing energy and wanted to share it with my participants.  Even with just a brief demonstration of Biofield Healing® almost everyone in the room AND on the livestream was able to feel the healing effects that Debora transmits. Many people had actual healing results, even those at a distance not attending live. Illnesses and symptoms they just haven’t been able to shift. Practitioners were excited to learn a new method to help their clients, friends, and families.”

—Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, M.S, D.C, C.C.N, D.A.C.B.N
—Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, M.S, D.C, C.C.N, D.A.C.B.N Founder, Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

” In your program I reached new and deeper levels of understanding. I no longer feel guilt or shame for receiving money.   I dare to dream bigger now…. beyond what i believed was possible for me. I gained the confidence to truly step into my power, own it, and love it. I no longer feel fearful or guilty to be powerful and successful. My greatest takeaway is my new ability to trust my self.   I learned the power of focus directed towards my business now instead of the meaningless distracting things that have been holding me back.”

Ronit Benshoshan
Ronit Benshoshan Expressive Arts Therapist

"I attended Debora Wayne’s program under the premise of learning so as to help others, but as the session progressed I saw areas in myself that need help too.

I have had a knotted muscle in my left upper back on and off for years.
It had flared up again, but after about 20 minutes after the class session ended , I noticed it was all gone!

Hoorah! It has not returned and I am so grateful to Debora and I celebrate the gift she is and the gift she has been given from God to help heal many.

I am recommending her to family, friends and patients even more since my personal experience."

Dr. Claudia Gabirelle, MD, FAAFP
Dr. Claudia Gabirelle, MD, FAAFP Ivy League trained and Board Certified Family Physician with 20 years’ practice experience in the USA, Sweden, India and Romania

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Level 1 Part 1 and 2 programs.  I have tried numerous modalities to heal body and they all helped a little, but nothing worked like the biofield healing.  It is A-mazing.  You are such a great teacher/healer.  Your knowledge, compassion and healing ability are a true blessing to everyone you touch.  I want to be like you when I grow up. 🙂 I think Biofield Healing Immersion® is amazing and know it can help so many people.  I am applying for your practitioner training, and I'd love to use it along with you and other biofield practitioners to help as many people as possible!"

Debbie K.
Debbie K. Greenville, NC

"The class was fabulous. Those not in attendance really missed something big.

Debora really has a way of tuning in and evaluating what each of us needs and then weaving it all together touching deep, often hidden issues so that we again take charge of our journey and celebrate in Who We Are.

I wanted a fast forward to my life and I got it.

I am extremely grateful to Debora and all who participated."

Rev. Dr. Lindy Sayward
Rev. Dr. Lindy Sayward Vermont

Applications Now Being Accepted
For the 2018
Biofield Healing Immersion®
Practitioner Training & Mentoring Program
Group size is limited and is filled on a First Come, First Served, Application Only basis.

You will be contacted shortly thereafter to discover if this program is a good fit for you.

About Debora

DEBORA WAYNE, founder and director of The Biofield Healing Institute® is an internationally known energy healer and pain-release specialist whose expertise is helping people to rapidly find and remove the hidden causes for Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, struggles with Food, Weight, Binge-Eating, and more.

Many of Debora’s past clients have reported complete and total healing of severe pain symptoms and chronic conditions even though nothing else worked.

Since recovering from her own “health hell” over 3O years ago, Debora has been immersed both personally and professionally in the Healing Arts. 

She has personally helped tens of thousands of people in 150 countries to release their pain, re-charge their energy, and get their lives back on track.
Debora is known world-wide for her extraordinary ability to rapidly find and remove the root cause of pain and suffering and to train practitioners to facilitate this as well.

Her proven programs offer a unique and potent blend of her proprietary method known as Biofield Healing Immersion®, along with elements from Ancient Spiritual Healing practices, Modern Neuro-Science, and Leading-edge Biofield Science which work together synergistically to allow for profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Debora is the #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt? – Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More”. She has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 30 + years practicing and teaching the Art of Meditation, is a nationally recognized Fine Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, founder of The Biofield Healing Immersion® Method, and Director of the Biofield Healing Institute®.

FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding Debora's individual and group programs, practitioner training, and live events: Call 858-755-0883 NOW